WORKSIGHT is a collaborative public art initiative by Wysp and The PATCH Project. Our goal is simple: to facilitate the process of creating art on construction hoarding.

We love Toronto, from street levels to rooftops. We love that the city is growing and constantly evolving, composed of diverse neighbourhoods and the many people that comprise them. But even with positive change comes growing pains, and things can look a bit messy before they improve. Construction hoarding can provide an opportunity to change Toronto’s visual landscape. Not only is hoarding a necessary safety precaution but it should be reconceptualized as a massive outdoor canvas that can provide value and aesthetic appeal to temporarily disrupted public spaces. Hoarding has the potential to invite the City to engage with developers, landowners, and artists in unprecedented ways. We believe that hoarding is the platform for creating a vibrant, beautiful city.

Take part in this new and exciting project that can change the streets of Toronto. You are selling a lifestyle; let it live through art.

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