WorkSight is an initiative realized through the joint efforts of two organizations and the artists that they work with. Read on to learn a little bit more about us!

The PATCH Project is a city-wide initiative that collaborates with landowners and developers, as well as local artists, to transform construction sites into an ongoing curated exhibition. Comprised of a team of dedicated urban planners, architects, and professional artists who bring a unique blend of skills and experience, with over 10 years of combined experience working closely with artists and designers, managing public art projects, and supporting urban development initiatives in the City of Toronto. PATCH brings a set of world-class expertise with a local focus. PATCH is a social enterprise of the STEPS (Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space) Initiative, an organization promoting the use of art to connect people with public spaces. The STEPS Initiative is an incubated project of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI).

Wysp is a multi-disciplinary creative agency with a focus on branding and social media development. Structured as more of a collective than a traditional agency, we use a wide-reaching network of writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and more to generate engaging original content. Primarily working with clients in the new home development industry, Wysp strives to push creative boundaries, build and maintain social followings organically, and help develop brand image on and offline.

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